Backcountry Skiing

Backcountry skiing the Whipple Couloir

Backcountry skiing the Whipple couloir is a classic Wasatch ski descents.  Getting there and finding it isn’t straight forward but you’ll be rewarded if you do.  With some of the most unique and visually stunning scenery in the Wasatch the Whipple Couloir could be the most scenic of all the classic descents. Access First, you…

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Backcountry Skiing Checklist

backcountry skiing checklist

For several years I’ve created a backcountry skiing checklist for a day tour.  I love going on a day tour but occasionally I would forget an item that was vital to the enjoyment of the tour.  I’ve forgotten my gloves once and my hands froze.  A solution came from an unexpected source.  I have a ski bum…

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Willow Fork Ski Tour – Park City to Brighton

Willow Fork Ski Tour leaves Canyons resort via the ninety-nine ninety backcountry gate, follow the ridge south to silver peak, then ski the West Willow Ridge to Silver Fork bus stop.   Bus ride or hitch hike up to Brighton resort, ski it, turn around and head back. 2,200 Vertical climb Distance 2 miles (each way)  1/4…

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Backcountry Skiing Basics

Backcountry skiing basics

Backcountry skiing basics; It’s a cold sunny February day sitting on the Supreme Lift of Alta.  I look across the canyons and see people skiing knee-high powder from a storm 2 days prior… I wish I could be skiing in Grizzly Gulch, but I don’t even know where to get started on the Backcountry skiing basics.…

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Backcountry Skiing Alone

Christopher Comstock

Setting a skin track early morning all alone, the click of the bindings and the sound of snow crunching under the skis is all that breaks the silence.  Suddenly, WHOOMP, the slope avalanches from above and there is no place to go.  When skiing alone there is nobody to dig you out, and even if…

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Uinta backcountry skiing / Hell’s Kitchen ski mountaineering

Uinta Backcountry Skiing

Uinta backcountry skiing Hells Kitchen mountaineering trip report, Uinta mountains of Utah.  The author and his trusted rottweiler sought out epic ski lines. They were to be turned back by difficult route. The mountaineers returned the following summer and completed the Hell’s Kitchen route. With a 2-pm phone call, the window to ski Western Uintas Hell’s…

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Moose Steaks

In a land far away, there lives a Mountain man and his rather large companion Kota the dog. These two are quite the explores and on one day backcountry skiing, one of the Mountain man’s gloves fell out of his pocket. Inspite of mounting a long search, the glove was not recovered. These were Mountain…

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