Moose Steaks

In a land far away, there lives a Mountain man and his rather large companion Kota the dog. These two are quite the explores and on one day backcountry skiing, one of the Mountain man’s gloves fell out of his pocket. Inspite of mounting a long search, the glove was not recovered. These were Mountain man’s favorite gloves and now the right glove was GONE.

The warm weather had arrived so trails like Ambush, mid-mtn, and Rosebud’s heaven were ready to be explored. Mountain biking these trails with his companion Kota, Mountain man experienced birds, flowers, forest, even a punk moose. Kota loves rare moose steaks and she couldn’t believe her master let the moose steaks get away. One late May day, a cold front moved into the mountains. Although, Mountain man is used to the cold; without his gloves the metal brake handles were unbearably cold for him.

It was another cold morning and instead of mountain biking, Mountain man and his companion Kota, set out to Blaze a trail up the rugged and remote TOMBSTONE peak. Along the way the two explorers crossed streams, jumped fences, and hiked gravel roads. After ascending a ridge-line, Mountain man found himself in familiar territory. He was in the the same scrub forest that he had lost his glove in a month ago. Realizing this scrub forest doesn’t lead to TOMBSTONE peak, Mountain man turned around. There lying on the ground before him, the lost glove. The glove was a little weathered but still in good condition.

Thus the tale of the one gloved explorer ends happily. Although Kota the rottweiler didn’t get moose steaks, she was well fed.