Easy Rafting Near Moab UT

Easy Rafting Near Moab UT

By Christopher Comstock | April 25, 2023

Easy Rafting Near Moab UT.  Northeast of Moab is a stretch of the Colorado River that has mellow Class-I and Class-II rapids, perfect for someone who just got a boat and wants to test their ability and their craft on a safe stretch of river. Easy Rafting Near Moab UT Rafting Cisco to Dewey YouTube…

Hell Roaring Lake Trailhead

By Christopher Comstock | April 25, 2023

Hell Roaring Lake Trailhead is a great place for a day hike or a quick overnighter backpacking trip.  There is no car camping here try Redfish Lake for that.  You’re going to have to carry it if you want it at Hell Roaring Lake. Backpacking keeps the crowds down.  However, we had a good amount…

Southeast Idaho Diamond Creek

Southeast Idaho (Diamond Creek) camping, fishing, ATV riding

By Christopher Comstock | August 14, 2022

Southeast Idaho Diamond Creek is tucked right up against the border of Wyoming.  In the Peale Mountains, a sub-range known as the Webster range is a nice place for camping, hiking, fishing, and ATV riding.  Diamond Creek and the Webster Range are not very remarkable considering southeast Idaho is an area that has world-class outdoor…

Deep Creek Mountains Utah

The Deep Creek Mountains Utah Hiking Camping Ibapah Peak

By Christopher Comstock | October 23, 2021

Hiking and camping Ibapah peak the deep creek mountains Utah. I highly recommend making the trip to experience the big peaks unique geography

Backpacking Uintas Kings Peak

Backpacking Uintas Kings Peak and the surrounding 13,000 ft Peaks

By Christopher Comstock | September 7, 2018

Backpacking Uintas Kings Peak and the surrounding 13,000 ft Peaks SLC to Henrys Fork TH 3hr drive (130 miles) There is too much snow, we didn’t make it to Kings Peak.   One man got lost because there is too much snow. Exclaimed the 3 hikers who I met at the trailhead. After this short exchange,…

Mountain Bike Repair Tools

Mountain bike Repair tools

By Christopher Comstock | August 8, 2012

TheOutdoorClick Photography Mountain bike Repair tools – Along with Hex keys, I take spare tubes, a pump, and a patch kit.  I also pack a Leatherman Skeletool for on-trail Mountain bike fixes.  The Leatherman Skeletool is lightweight and has screwdrivers, knife, pliers, and a bottle opener.  So far I’ve only had to use the bottle…

Mountain bike fix (disk brakes)

Mountain bike fix (disk brakes)

By Christopher Comstock | August 3, 2012

Mountain bike fix (disk brakes) – Today my goals were to re-launch TheOutdoorClick as a WordPress site and learn how to fix the disk brakes on my Mountain Bike.  After spending hours trying to delete and re-launch TheOutdoorClick myself, I resorted to contacting my website provider HostGator to have them help me.  HostGator kicked some…