Easy Rafting Near Moab UT

Easy Rafting Near Moab UT.  Northeast of Moab is a stretch of the Colorado River that has mellow Class-I and Class-II rapids, perfect for someone who just got a boat and wants to test their ability and their craft on a safe stretch of river.

Easy Rafting Near Moab UT

Rafting Cisco to Dewey

Camping On The Colorado River at Fish Ford

Camping Deep Creek Mountains

Camping On The Colorado River at Fish Ford

There's primitive camping near Cisco known as Fish Ford.  Access is easy the roads are smooth.  I've camped at Fish Ford several times and I like it. There's a boat ramp, nice camping spots, and a potty. However, there are coyotes around.  On one of the trips, coyotes came very close but didn't mess with us.


They can run up to 40 MPH when chasing prey. Coyotes are frequent communicators who growl, bark, wail, huff, yelp, squeal, and howl. hitchwiki.org

Beginner Friendly River Rafting

This is a beginner-friendly river rafting route.  The scenery is nice and the water is nice.  We saw bald eagles and small river wildlife.  Each time we floated this section headwinds were slowing us down.

It's a long float. When you get to Dewey Bridge you'll want to get to the left quickly after passing under the bridge.  This is the Dewey Bridge boat landing.

beginner-friendly river rafting

Shuttling or Hitchhiking

By strict definition, hitchhiking appears to be illegal in Utah. However, many people successfully hitchhike every year.   Hitchhikers typically leave their cars at the takeout point.  After a long float, you want your car.  Cold, tired, and sun burnt is not the time to hitchhike.


Car Shuttle: Leave a car at Dewey Bridge and shuttle in separate vehicle rafts and people to either Cisco or Fish Ford Boat Launch.