Mountain bike fix (disk brakes)

Mountain bike fix (disk brakes) – Today my goals were to re-launch TheOutdoorClick as a WordPress site and learn how to fix the disk brakes on my Mountain Bike.  After spending hours trying to delete and re-launch TheOutdoorClick myself, I resorted to contacting my website provider HostGator to have them help me.  HostGator kicked some customer service ass and did exactly what I asked: to delete the clunky Parallels TheOutdoorClick so I could restart with WordPress.

After completing the relaunch of TheOutdoorClick,   It was time to fix the Mountain Bike. Being new to Mountain Biking, this was the 1st required maintenance on my bike.  I went to the bookshelf for Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance. With my Mountain Bike Repair Tools The fix was simple, required a Hex key to loosen a single screw, hands to pull the brake cable, same hex to tighten it back down. Photography

Taking the advice of a friend on the importance of keeping your Mountain Bike Clean, I used the opportunity to perform a much-needed cleaning.

Brake inspection

Specialized Hardrock 2011