Backcountry Skiing Checklist

For several years I’ve created a backcountry skiing checklist for a day tour.  I love going on a day tour but occasionally I would forget an item that was vital to the enjoyment of the tour.  I’d forgotten my gloves once and my hands froze.  A solution came from an unexpected source.  I have a ski bum buddy, Jimmy Vegas Steamboat Springs Colo, who has a verbal checklist where he would name off 3 items in rhythm.  His style can’t be duplicated, but I modified his checklist for backcountry skiing checklist… day tour.

Clothing system that works.

Top:  Light Weight base layer, Technical fleece, soft shell jacket.* (pack a Shell Jacket waterproof/breathable in case of weather.   *On cold days I also carry a mid-weight down jacket)

Bottoms:  Ski Socks, Light weight base layer, soft shell pants. * (pack Shell Pants waterproof/breathable)

In your pack:    backcountry skiing checklist
Water / food / 1st aide kit
map / jacket  / pants *hard shells..                     
shovel / beacon / probe

On your body:     
hat / gloves / goggles *sun glasses
phone / keys / camera *cell phone camera counts

The equipment:     
skis / skins / boots / poles

We have all of our stuff, now lets go tour.
Check the Avalanche forcast, for more

Backcountry Skiing Basics