Moose Mornings pictures

Monday, Park City had a significant snowstorm that left spots on my lens that I forgot to clean after shooting. The next morning I was looking for a new perspective on Park City photos of sunrise, so I hiked over to White Pine canyon. The security guard manning the gates to upper White Pine canyon denied me access. It was a Good thing he wasn’t accommodating because I caught the Bull Moose walking through the farm field just outside his private community gates. I was shooting the sunrise, enjoying the open sight lines offered by the farm fields of lower White Pine canyon, and a Bull Moose appeared in the field that I was shooting. As you can see the spots on my lens distracted me from the photo. This morning (Wednesday) I had to go back to retake the shots without spots. Sure enough, the Moose returned and I got a second chance at some moose pictures of the day April 30.
As April ends the promise of May awaits.

Bull Moose sunrise

Return of Mr. Moose / picture of the day April 30

White Pine Panorama