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Sunrise photos

August Snaps Park City

Park local City / August Snaps Sun setting behind Murdock mountain. Taken from Willow draw on a muddy road. Sunflower was taken on a cloudless sunrise.  A pretty “Sunflower watching Sunrise”. Park local city photo.  The ominous storm blocks out the light, yet Quarry Mountain is illuminated by a break in the clouds. Click  Here to see…

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Sunrise Happens / May photos of the day

The morning was completely overcast. Should I get up to catch the sunrise? I figured there was only a 10% chance that the sunrise would “Happen”. A 10% chance was too much to leave to chance. I HAD to. As I hiked up the mountain I wondered if I should have stayed home. When I…

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Life Reflections

Life Reflections When I grow old, I hope to look back and reflect on the early mornings spent in the Rockies. This morning like many others I was tempted to lie in bed and sleep.  Waking up and hiking before the sun rises, feels like an early morning punishment. Often times, the difficult days are the rewarding ones.  Sometimes…

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Moose Mornings pictures

Monday, Park City had a significant snow storm which left spots on my lens that I forgot to clean after shooting. The next morning I was looking for a new perspective on a Park City photos of sunrise, so I hiked over to White Pine canyon. The security guard manning the gates to upper White…

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April 24 photos of sunrise

Woke up with no alarm this morning at 6:34am. Sprung to my feet, put on shoes jacket, hat, grabbed my camera and ran up the mountain to catch the sunrise. I had 6 minutes to make it so I went to one of my familiar photo spots. Here’s what I got. I think it was…

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