September Fall Photos

Boise River Rock Stacks
September fall photos
September is my favorite month of the year. This September I took a trip to Oregon. I brought my mountain bike because like backcountry skiing, if you bring your gear, there is always a new place to ride along the way. Crossing Idaho we stopped in Boise. Upon arrival we visited the Whole Foods to get a “healthy” meal and some tips on where to ride.   Hull’s Gultch was a the spot.  The trail was a lot of fun and the sun setting into the high desert landscape was amazing.

September fall photos on the Mckenzie River Trail Oregon.

I had alot of fun on the Crestline trail.  Boise, I will be back, and I’m bringing my bike.
In Oregon I rode the most amazing trail I have ever been on, the Mckenzie River Trail in the Central Oregon Cascades.  This trail takes you through some of the most spectacular wilderness anywhere.  As you traverse down it  the trail is highlighted by the clearest lakes you’ve ever seen, a 300 year old growth forest, several awesome water falls, a powerful clean river, and much more.   The Mckenzie river trail is rated #1 mountain biking trail in America.  “I give the Mckenzie River Trail a #1 for beauty, a must ride!” Says Christopher Comstock.

September Dream

Dream Peak

Finally, Utah!  The fall colors of the Wasatch add to the amazing scenery Park City is known for.  There is a reason Park City Utah is world renown destination,  September Fall Photos tell the tale of the trail.

September fall photos