Seasons Over Mountain Poem

Seasons Over Mountain poem.

     April Start Kota Bark

Hurt Knee Doctor Please

Spring Melt Heart Felt

Kind Donations Fire Stations

Orange Moose My Bindings Loose

Lonely Walks Photo Talks

Sixty Three Days of Ski


Canyons resort orange bubble pond

April Start

Fire station
Fire Station

Orange moose

Seasons Over poem Lyrics:  April starts and Kota tore her ACL on the 4th

We negotiate with the Vet but it’s 28 hundred

I’m very Sad about losing Kota and deeply moved by the kindness of strangers.

14 hundred in donations. I take photos of the local fire station.

With the Orange bubble down, to block the cold wind,  I see (you see) an Orange Moose.

I was skiing with a broken binding for the end of the season.

Kota is down and out my photo walks are SO lonely now, so I listen to a Photography podcast for company.

I skied 63 Days on my pass +4 @ Deer Valley this season.

Ski season is Over.

Please donate to Kota, it means a lot to me.