Rottweiler photos

Rottweiler photos / Good dog Kota

Rottweilers are an excellent breed for outdoor enthusiasts.   They are a large, robust, active dog that can handle physical  activity that mountain travel requires.  Being a working breed, they are smart and willing to obey commands.  One of their natural instincts is to stay near it’s people.  You can let a rottweiler off leash and never worry about it wondering off and getting lost.  A rottweiler fur coat is medium thickness which provide enough insulation to keep them warm on a cold snowy mountain trail. Snow doesn’t stick to them like breeds with longer fur dogs such as a Golden retriever has.  Their fur is black with distinct tan markings. This makes Rottweiler photos stand out.  A rottweiler’s thick build and black fur is a disadvantage in the summer sun.  However,the mountains are generally cooler, so Mountain-weilers do well year round. Rottweiler photos are very popular, so if you photograph your rottweiler he will gain a following.  My Rottweiler photos are  Good Dog Kota being courageous with Moose encounters, plowing through 10 feet of snow, even made friends with a chicken.  Click on the photo above to see all the amazing Rottweiler photos, and maybe you might get a Rottweiler for your next breed.