Rottweiler Kota

My Dog Kota was a typical Rottweiler. She weighed about 85-90 Pounds. She was very food motivated, and had fair to good working drive.  There wasn’t anything special about Kota, but she was special.

Rottweiler Kota
Rottweiler Kota        My Dog Kota IMG_5452-Me-and-Kota


For the last 8 years Kota has been my adventure partner. We’ve camped in blizzards, summited huge mountains, and faced off with Angry moose.

I got to be Kota’s dog trainer, but she was actually my human trainer. Rottweilers, in particular, are a special breed. They are a working breed so they want to be trained and worked.  They are also powerful and have an independent spirit.  Other working breeds, if well trained, will obey more reliably than rottweilers.  A rottweiler needs to see purpose for their command.  If your rottweiler determines that you are emotionally unstable or that your command isn’t reasonable, it will not obey. This breed cannot be overpowered mentally or physically; Therefore, You have to be calm and in command when handling a rottweiler.  The reward of training a rottweiler is greater because it’s more challenging.  To train a rottweiler you have to be calm, consistent, firm, and fair.  You think you’re training the rottweiler, but the dog is actually training you to be a Leader.

(Thank you Kota, you were an awesome Dog. My rottweiler taught me how to be a much better pack leader.  She was a gentle giant and a great example of the rottweiler breed)
6/02/2007 – 6/29/2015     8yrs 1month


Special Thank you:

Sun Valley Animal Center




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