Kota needs help it’s dire.

Please help Kota get healed.

Please help Kota get healed.

Kota hurt her ACL and we need help for her medical bills $2,800. Kota is a 6 year old rotty with a big heart. Kota hurt her leg playing with a kid when another dog jumped on her from behind. She is a model for the Rottweiler breed. I Christopher Comstock trained/socialize her from a puppy, and it is evident whenever people meet her. Kota is an amazing dog you can see her in all her adventures by click on Rottweiler Kota tab at the Top.

Kota is facing a do or die situation. Poor dog keeps falling over and that is no way for any animal to live. We may have to put her down.

Help Kota
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Every little bit adds up
If you can’t donate, please post it on your facebook. Get the word out, She’s an amazing dog and worth it for the Photos alone.

I know we can get her healed.