Glove Review / Pistolero

I’ve had my share of gloves over the years. Currently, I have 9 different pairs. The Mountain Hardware PISTOLERO Glove is the Best pair of lite-weight gloves I’ve ever owned. The Pistolero gloves are tough work gloves for cold weather backcountry use. Mountain glove.

-They’re surprisingly warm. (yet too lite to ride chairlifts on a Cold day)
-Tough glove-reinforced leather.
-Excellent Dexterity

Mountain Hardware  PISTOLERO Glove

Mountain Hardware

New and old PISTOLERO Gloves

New and old PISTOLERO Gloves

I use the PISTOLERO gloves for:
-work projects (coldframe construction)
-shoveling snow.
-backcountry skiing
-everyday use
-Mtn biking (dexterity to pull the Cold Metal brake handles)
-You name it, they are my go-to gloves.

Lost this glove almost a month ago 4-28.  It fell out of my pocket backcountry skiing, inspite a long search it was not recovered.  Today I mounted another search, found it.CLICK PHOTO
I love these gloves so much that after losing 1 while backcountry skiing, I went back a month later and found it. Moose Steaks! It was a little more worn and the sun faded but held up for another 8 months of abuse before wearing out.

I bought another pair.

Where to get the PISTOLERO
REI or Columbia Sportswear outlet mall. (Mountain Hardware is owned by Columbia)

list $100
Outlet $74
Sale $52