Fall-tography October Wasatch.

The trails are kinda in yuck (mud) mode, but the photography in October was in Wow mode. Locations include Pinecreek TH: in the American Fork Canyon. Little Dell: Parleys Canyon. Park City Community Garden

Golden Grove
This photo is of the North Aspect of Mt Timpanogos, from the Pinecreek Trail off American Fork / Alpine Senic Loop    (Hwy 92)
Cloudy days are always difficult days to capture A Shot.  The birds inspired this photo.  They give the action while the slopes fresh dusting of snow adds contrast to the Grey backdrop.  And the colors, ridiculous.4 little magpies sitting in a tree.
4 little magpies

American Fork Wasatch
Mt Aire north aspect/ little dell
Mt. Aire / Little Dell
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